• Available in any length, available in 96”W or 102”W
  • 3/16” Smooth floor
  • Side pockets with ½”x3” Rub rails on Flatbeds
  • Industrial enamel primer & paint
  • Containers are delivered ready for use. Including:
    Caution/Warning decals, D.O.T. Reflective Tape & any
    Customer supplied decals


  • 3”H Structural channel 18” on center, with full 2”x3”x3/16” apron on Dump Bodies & 2”x6”x3/16” on Flatbeds
  • 1⅜” Thick solid bullnose inserted 2” into rails into 2”x6”x3/16” rails

Hook Styles

  • Cable-1¾” Cable hook with ¾” thick plate & 4”Dia.x6”W Front Rollers with grease zerks & ½” thick support
  • Hook-2”x6”x3/16” A-frame with 2½” Dia. pin/bar & ⅝” thick hook plates
  • Deadlift
¼” Diamond Plate
2”x5” Skids with1”x2” Liners
2’ or 3’ Beaver tail
8” Dia.x10”W Rear Rollers
Rollers in Beaver Tail
Bulkhead: Expanded or Solid Steel
Chain Hangers on Bulkhead
D-ring Tie Downs
Tool Boxes & Power Winch
Heavy-duty 2”x6” Outer Rail Tubes