Square/ Rectangle


  • 3⁄16” Floor, 20 ft. outside length (Custom lengths available)
  • 12 Gauge sides, front & door
  • Top reinforcing 3”x4”x3⁄16” tubing, 2”x6”x3⁄16” front uprights, and fully welded top corner gussets
  • 10 Gauge formed, 2 bend, 5¾W side channels are spaced 30” on center
  • ¾” Dia. solid tarp rails, with tarp hooks front & rear
  • ¾” Dia. solid ladders, standard placement is front corner driver side & rear corner passenger side
  • Industrial enamel primer & paint
  • Containers are delivered completely assembled & ready for use. Including: Caution/Warning decals, D.O.T. Reflective Tape & any Customer supplied decals


  • 3”H Structural channel 18” on center, with full 3”H structural channel apron
  • 1⅜” Thick solid bullnose inserted 2” into rails into 2”x6”x3/16” rails
  • Rear Rollers – 8” Dia.x10”W with grease zerks & ½” thick wheel plate


  • Constructed with 12 gauge door sheet and frames of 3”x4”x3/16” tubing upright on the hinge side, 2”x3”x3/16” tubing on the latch side, and 2”x3”x3/16” tubing horizontal cross-members (No formed channel)
  • Doors are on top of floor and come with a door sweep to prevent nails & shingles, ect. from falling out during transport. Guide support latch side of door
  • Extra heavy-duty door hinges with grease zerks. Each hinge assembly covers 1 linear foot of door surface. 20yd & under: 2 hinges, 30yd: 3 hinges, and 40yd & up: 4 hinges
  • Door safety chain uses a heavy-duty quick snap with both, Swing Lever or Ratchet latch system. (Safer & more user friendly)

Hook Styles

  • Cable-1¾” Cable hook with ¾” thick plate & 4” Dia.x6”W Front Rollers with grease zerks & ½” thick support
  • Hook-2”x6”x3⁄16” A-frame with 2½” Dia. pin/bar & 5⁄8” thick hook plates
  • Deadlift


Combination Cable/Hooklift
Combination Deadlift/Hooklift
¼” Floor
12” on Center Floor Channel
22′ Long container (Std. Length 20’)
24′ Long container (Std. Length 20’)
Upgrade Angle from 10 gauge to 7 gauge Walls
Upgrade Square from 12 gauge to 10 gauge Walls
Upgrade Square from 12 gauge to 7 gauge Walls
Front Ground Rollers
Front Sand Pads
2”x5” Skids with 1”x2” Solid Wear Strips
Lined Skids ¼” x 2”
Inside Wall Gussets
2”x2” Angle on top of Wall
Decal Plates
Gravel Guards (dirt shedders)
Ratchet Door Latch System
Heavy-duty Sealed Door
Heavy-duty Sealed Door w/Fluid Ramp
Barn Style Door/Dump Style Tail Gate
Single-sided Cover with 3 Plastic Lids
Double-sided Cover with 6 Plastic Lids
Removable Steel Cover w/Fork Pockets
Rollover Tarp System
Counter Balanced Cover w/Impact Plastics HDPE Plastic Lids
Belly Bands on Angle Rolloffs