Alan Albee

On our first day in 2005, Bob and Guy from Poynette Ironworks drove to Eagle River to meet and to offer any assistance they could. This was not just a sales call. They meant that they would assist in any way they could regardless of the whether there was an immediate and direct financial impact to their company. I will never forget this meeting nor their sincerity. Over the last 15 years, I have nearly exclusively utilized Poynette Ironworks as my commercial and rolloff container supplier. Poynette Ironworks has consistently provided a quality product at a fair price.

Family-owned Poynette Ironworks is the Midwest’s largest and most reliable manufacturer of large-scale, heavy-duty manufactured steel products. We specialize in refuse and recycling for residential, commercial, construction and industrial applications and run a full custom shop, delivering top quality containers to meet any customer need.

If it’s made of steel, we can build it.

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