Replacement Lids

Standard Replacement Dumpster Lids: Our standard lids are crafted for durability and ease of use, ensuring your waste containers are secure and functional.

Bear-Resistant Dumpster Lids: Protect your waste from wildlife with our bear-resistant lids, designed to deter bears and other animals while maintaining ease of access for users.

  • Steel Reinforced Lid Design to Keep Bears Out
  • Thermoformed Lid Has No Parting Lines Susceptible to Breakage
  • Uniform Part Thickness Through Product
  • No Water Retention
  • Made in the USA

Bear-Proof Dumpster Lids: For maximum security, our bear-proof lids provide robust protection against even the most determined wildlife, keeping your waste safe and contained.

Custom Dumpster Lid Solutions: Poynette Ironworks offers custom solutions to fit your unique needs. Whether you require specific sizes, materials, or features, we’ve got you covered.