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Poynette ironworks Trucking LLC
Let Poynette Ironworks Trucking haul for you. We have our own fleet of 8 – Semi Tractors, pulling 53’ Step Deck Trailers, 1 – Sleeper Truck, 1 – 48’ Van Trailer, and 2-Boom Trucks to get your product delivered to you ON TIME. With the addition of the Sleeper Truck to our fleet, we can now start reaching beyond the 7 states we currently service. The only outsourced hauling of our containers end up going to the East and West Coast, Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, South America and Antarctica (YES we have containers from Alaska all the way down to Antarctica). We can also haul containers or equipment from one destination to another. Our Boom Trucks are available for deliveries to those hard to reach container locations or Route Conversions.